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What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant can do so many things, we call them virtual assistant because they work from home. As a virtual assistant, you earn money on your own schedule. Over time, you have opportunities to earn more and more without increasing your hours. You attract higher paying clients and raise your rates as you gain experience and expertise within your niche.

Online job examples

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    Graphic Designer

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    Web Developers

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    Social Media Experts

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    Office Assistant

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    Shopify Assistant

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    Real estate Assistant

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    FBA Amazon Assistant

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    Support Assistant

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    Data Entry

  • And many more...

We have over 200 categories of virtual assistant jobs. Join and apply on jobs today.

It's a Growing Industry

There is a demand for virtual assistants, and it continues to be a growing industry. This is a huge consideration when thinking about working from home in any industry.

Great for families

Working as a virtual assistant provides one of the greatest opportunities to raise your children while working at home. You can set your own hours and deliver services using the Internet only.


Did you know that GoHireNow is completely office free?

We built this company only using remote experts. By using remote employees it gave us the opportunity to create this company. We are still growing and adding new remote employees to our virtual team.

We use virtual assistants as well

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Why GoHireNow

We are the leading experts in online jobs.

Find Jobs in Minutes
It's so easy to find a job, Apply on jobs, discuss with companies and get hired.

Work with a Dream Team
Most of our clients already have a team, you will get trained and be able to share your talent.

Grow Your Network
Many virtual assistant have many clients there is no limit to how many projects you can take..

Reduce expenses
Working from home will make you save money and time.

Better salaries
You will be able to negotiate your salary directly with your client

We are here to help
We made this platform 100% free for you to help you find the perfect opportunity.

A Trusted Company

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We changed their lives!

Sales Manager

As a sales manager in real estate, I have the best jobs in the world! I work anytime that I can right at the comfort of my home while being a full-time mom.

- Mafe F

Real Estate

Working from home helps me to work smart. Value in time management less travel expenses. More time for me and my Family

- Julie Christie F

Social Media

Freelancing has helped me a ton especially when it comes to managing my time. I can take care and give more time to my family and maintain good health

- Aldrin L

Affiliate Marketing

Working from home enables me to gain full control of my time. I can be beyond 100% productive as I pursue my passion. The most important thing is that I get to spend more time with my loved ones.

- Yna Isabelle F

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